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Forest Waters Spray


Forest waters spray


Hydrolates are powerful medicinal waters obtained from the distillation of aromatic plants by steam stripping. Unlike essential oils, its composition is 95% water and 5% essential oil (or less), resulting in a very safe product to use as it is less intense and does not require dilution.

Since water is helpful in detoxifying and firming the skin, using a hydrosol as a facial or body toner will provide a great cleansing and moisturizing sensation. In turn, they can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, since the cells will be more hydrated and oxygenated.

Just spray these forest waters on your skin and you will feel all its benefits, in addition to its unique and real scents.

Choose your favorite native scent… remember that it is a seasonal and live product!

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Forest waters spray
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Hydrolates are so versatile that you can use them:

  • As a facial toner in your cleansing routine or hydrating body mist.
  • Like after-shave.
  • To perfume bathtubs.
  • Aromatize drinks and food.
  • As a cosmetic ingredient.
  • Oral route (medicinal use - adequate doses).



  • 100% natural Hidrosol.
  • Contains 100 ml - 3.4 fl. oz.
  • Recyclable glass bottle.
  • Duration of 6 months (Keep in a cool place and protected from light).