We are a small botanical and wildcrafting studio located in the Anden woods of southern Chile


Because We believe that nature is deliciously fragrant enough to synthetically perfume our day-to-day life.

Becauseour forests and native plants offer unique aromas that we want to make known and valued.

Because We are interested in perfuming ourselves in a natural and discreet way, without overwhelming those who are next to us.

Because we move a lot and we want to feel the native forest wherever and whenever we want.

Because We faithfully believe that cosmetic products should not be tested on animals, and also if they are synthetic they should not be used by humans.

Becausewe care about our packaging´s footprint and our impact on the environment.

But above all, because we like to emanate aromas of our native flora and in a 100% natural way.

About our perfumes

Choosing a perfume that you like is something purely personal, but opting for one that is friendly to you and the environment is part of a lifestyle. A perfume made with natural ingredients will not last as long on your skin as one made from synthetic scents. Nor will you enter a space wrapping everyone in your perfume. 

A botanical perfume will magically and gently unfold on your skin, showing each note as the oils blend into your own chemical nature. It will be a perfume for you and your close people, you will also know that you will be wearing something that does you good, nourishes you, feeds the soul and takes care of the environment and your family.