We do a handicraft work that we love and feel passionate about, harmoniously combining aromas from the native forests of Chile with essences from the world, to create perfumes with the spirit of our landscapes.


As their name say, they are perfumes that come in a solid state thanks to waxes and oils that solidify at room temperature. 

They have been used since the time of Cleopatra and with good reason. These perfumes, in addition to being original, are extremely practical to use and transport. You can take them in your pocket or backpack wherever you want and apply it as many times as you think necessary during the day or night!

Benefits of our BRUMA perfumes:

Responsible and aware:made a 100% with natural ingredients and stored in a certified native wood container, which contributes to conservation and is reusable.

Practical and transportable: they take up little space and do not spill.

Discreet and respectful: they exclusively perfume the user in the specific place where they are applied, and not the entire environment.

Kind to the skin: Its ingredients, free of synthetic substances and alcohol, hydrate and nourish your skin.