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  • Bruma Joyful Melí

    Cheerful Meli

    happy meli

    A fresh perfume, reminiscent of a herbaceous forest breeze, with hints of honey and citrus. The cheerful Melí, the spicy aroma of Canelo and the sweet and balsamic chords in the background, invoke the warmth of the sun on a summer afternoon.

    Native soul: Meli leaves (Amomyrtus meli) and Canelo bark (Drimys winteri). Accompanying tangerine, sweet orange, copaiba balsam, amyris sandalwood and olibanum.
    Properties: Refreshing and revitalizing

    Notes: Herbaceous, sweet and citrus




  • Bruma Canelo tree blossom

    Canelo en Flor

    Canelo tree blossom

    A delight of flowers and nectars, almost palatable. Warm, tenacious and sweet notes give rise to this perfume, in which citrus aromas, spicy-fresh traces and a slightly bitter brushstroke typical of the bark of the Chilean Canelo tree. Creamy, complex and woody notes culminate this rich spring scent.

    Native soul: Canelo tree bark (Drimys winteri) and Chilean Laurel leaves (Laurelia sempervirens).
    They are accompanied by grapefruit, ginger and floral notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang.
    Properties: energizing and promotes concentration

    Notes: Citrus, floral and spicy.


  • Bruma Fallen leaves

    Bruma de Hojarasca

    fallen leaves

    An addictive fragrance that evokes the crunch of the leaf litter of the humid creeks of our Mediterranean forests. Green and deep aromas of the fallen leaves of Peumos, Boldos and Canelos, which are mixed with the characteristic smell of wet soil. By taking this fallen leaves with your hands and taking a deep breath, the warm notes of the wood finally emerge in the process of transforming itself back into soil.

    Native soul: Boldo leaves (peumus boldus), Peumo (Cryptocarya alba) and Canelo (Drimys winteri)
    Accompany the aromas of elemi, frankincense and myrrh
    Properties: promotes tranquility and harmony

    Notes: Green, earthy, herbaceous and medicinal




  • Bruma wild Desert

    Bruma del Desierto

    Wild desert

    Northern Chile is a landscape of contrasts like this perfume full of dualities: soft, but tenacious, with sweet, dry and warm notes, interspersed with green and fresh floral notes. Bruma wild Desert reminds us of a fresh and sweet breeze crossing the flowery desert from the sea in full sun, interspersed with the dry and spicy aroma of the Pimiento tree, and the softness of the rose de Mai, to finish in woody and warm aromas that we give away the Rica-rica and the balsam of Peru.

    Native soul: Pimiento tree fruit (Schinus molle) and branches of Rica-rica (Aloysia deserticola).
    Accompanying the Rosa de Mai, Immortelle, Black pepper, Lavender, balsam of Peru and Benzoin, among other oils.
    Properties: Emotional tranquility and stimulates the opening of the heart (aphrodisiac)

    Notes: Sweet, warm and spicy

  • Bruma Among Cypresses

    Entre Cipreses

    Among Cypresses

    An orchestra of sweet and smoky woody notes, undoubtedly a deep perfume. The warm aroma of the Güaiteca's cypress wood is glimpsed after the green, fresh and gently citrus notes of the Chilean Laurel and Bergamot. In this sublime orchestra, where the Güaiteca's cypress or lahuán is the protagonist, earthy, green-balsamic and smoky notes of other accompanying species also resonate.

    Native soul: Güaiteca's cypress wood (Pilgerodendron uviferum) * and Chilean Laurel leaves (Laurelia sempervirens)

    They accompany bergamot, cypress of Provence and patchouli
    Properties: facilitates connection and empathy

    Notes: Woody, citrus and balsamic

    * Obtained from remnants of Chiloé carpentry.